Brew Bar

brwd coffee serve a range of classic espresso based drinks such as Flat White, Latte and Cortado using Hackney roasters Climpson and Son’s Estate Espresso Blend. Alongside these a choice of single origin beans are on offer with alter
native brewing techniques such as Chemex, Aeropress, Hario Filter and Cold Brew.

This week we are using Kilimbi Rwanda which is perfect for brewing as it brings out the sweet peach and rhubarb notes.



At brwd coffee, we not only make delicious speciality coffee but we also serve tasty homemade food. We will be changing our range seasonally, and the best way to keep up to date is follow us on Twitter or Instagram to see what we are cooking!

Breakfast Options:

  • Freshly baked pastries from croissants to fruit danish
  • Home roasted granola served with greek yoghurt and honey
  • Amazing coffee!


Lunch Options

Selection of sandwiches:

  • Roast chicken with basil pesto focaccia
  • Smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel
  • Houmous and falafel wrap
  • British ham and cheese melt
  • Mozzarella and chargrilled vegetable melt
  • Egg and bacon muffin



  • Mezze salad
  • Chargrilled mediterranean vegetables and pesto pasta salad
  • Bulgur wheat and red onion salad



  • Dark cherry and marzipan cake
  • Almond brownie
  • Salted caramel brownie
  • Jewel Bar
  • Carrot and orange cake
  • Honey and bergamot cake